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Power Plant & Industrial Site Closures

Real Estate Acquisition  |  Environmental Risk Assumption  |  Robust Indemnification  |  Preserve Legacy & Brand of Seller



Today’s market conditions are forcing energy/industrial companies to retool for the future. Often times this leads to operational slowdowns and plant closures. As a result, companies end up holding blighted facilities, severely-impacted and highly-contaminated by decades of manufacturing.


As we move toward safer and cleaner ways to produce energy, what are we doing to clean the hazardous byproducts of old energy?


Unresolved environmental issues pose multiple threats to corporate property holder: threats to corporate growth potential, threats to corporate image and public perception, threats to public health and safety, threats to global sustainability, and many others. An environmental liability assumption provides a comprehensive “walk away” option from these threats.


At ELT, our goal is to eliminate industrial blight by assuming environmental liabilities, cleaning-up the hazardous bi-products, and returning environmentally-distressed sites back to productive community assets – which results in environmental, economic, and social benefits.


Randall_Fernandez_and_Randall_JostesIn the News: Marysville, MI Looks to a Riverfront Renaissance


Marysville officials credit DTE with making sure it found a buyer (ELT) that would have a 21st century vision for what riverfront property could be, especially property on some of the bluest river water in the world, just a few miles downstream from Lake Huron.


“We’d been worried,” Mayor Daniel Damman said. “There were rumors a scrap-metal recycler would buy the site and use it to load freighters going to the Pacific Rim. But DTE was keenly aware what that site meant for the region. You can’t overstate what an exceptional partner DTE has been. They really worked hard to find the right suitor for the site.” Read More

Currently Seeking to Acquire

» Steel Mills / Metals

» Petro-Chemical

» Pharmaceutical

» Power Plant Portfolios

» Oil Refineries

» Heavy Industrial

» Chemical Plants

» Landfills / Quarries

» All Manufacturing


Case Studies / Resources

» Case Study: DTE Energy (coal-fired power plant)

» Case Study: Evraz Steel (steel mill)

» Case Study: ASARCO (metals manufacturing)

» Case Study: Shell Global (petro-chemical)

» Case Study: Sparrows Point (steel mill)


» Environmental Liability Assumption for Shuttered Power Plants & Industrial Facilities

» North America’s Leading Buyer of Brownfield Sites

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