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Known or unknown environmental liabilities can sideline the most well-crafted M&A deal. When distressed property is involved in a transaction, the buy-side often wants no part of the associated liability.


Environmental Liability Transfer Inc. (ELT) can remove the deal barriers between interested parties by acquiring the associated liabilities and indemnifying the property holder from future remedial obligations. Additionally, ELT can acquire underutilized or non-core assets that typically accompany legacy liabilities.


ELT can remove environmental liabilities during M&As, buyouts, portfolio restructuring, IPOs - and provide robust corporate indemnification for all parties involved.


Divesting environmental risk from your portfolio can result in unlocked capital and stronger balance sheets – winning the approval of all company stakeholders and improving the overall valuation of your firm.


Mergers & Acquisitions and Environmental Liabilities are business elements with high levels of complexity and variability. When combining both into one transaction, a competent environmental liability transfer facilitator is critical to a successful transaction. Through a fixed-cost solution, Environmental Liability Transfer Inc. can eliminate these liabilities and remove the deal barriers.





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