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We have found that a brownfield site will remain in a perpetual state of decay until engaged by an outside catalyst. These brownfield success stories demonstrate how ELT’s is able to jumpstart shuttered and environmentally-distressed sites by providing a fresh infusion of capital, a legal transfer of environmental risk, a fully-funded clean-up plan, and a fresh vision for redevelopment.

Shell-MapShell Global Sheds Canadian Environmental LiabilitiesELT helped Shell Global divest 135 environmentally-impacted oil transfer and refining facilities located throughout Canada. By transferring remedial obligations to ELT, Shell was able to receive corporate indemnification, guarantee that these distressed sites were restored, and reallocate capital and manpower to core operations. Continue Reading »

DTE-1DTE Energy: Historic Coal-Fired Power Plant in Marysville, MIIn 2014, Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. assumed liabilities and environmental obligations for DTE Energy’s 20-acre coal-firec power plant in Marysville, MI. Demolition and environmental remediation are currently underway, creating a pathway for new development. City officials credit DTE Energy with making sure they found a buyer (ELT) with a 21st century vision of what the riverfront property could be. Continue Reading »

Sparrows Point: 3,100-Acre Former Steel Mill outside Baltimore, MDOnce the largest brownfield site in North America, Sparrows Point is now on a pathway towards redevelopment. Poor market conditions in the steel industry resulted in an unused, contaminated area in Baltimore – a temporary recession for the local community. Today, with an ELT, the potential economic benefit could be greater than before. Continue Reading »

ASARCO Bankruptcy Stalls Over Multi-State Remedial Trust DisputeIn 2009, Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) played a critical role in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization of ASARCO (American Smelting and Refining Company, LLC), and the subsequent redevelopment of environmentally-contaminated sites in Perth Amboy, NJ and Houston, TX. Continue Reading »

General Motors Removes Environmental Liabilities and Compliance IssuesIn 2011, Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) played an important role in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization of General Motors and the subsequent redevelopment of an environmentally-distressed former automotive manufacturing plant located in West Mifflin, PA. Continue Reading »



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