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With strong financial backing and a unique blend of expertise – real estate development, environmental underwriting, legal, insurance, and sustainability – ELT is able to provide clients with robust levels of indemnification and environmental guarantees found nowhere else in the market.


ELT Core Offering Include: 

  • Environmental Liability Transfers
  • Brownfield Real Estate Purchase
  • Liability Transfer + RE Purchase
  • Guaranteed Cost Certainty
  • Corporate Indemnification

  • Maximum Value for Retired Assets
  • Transfer of Regulatory Obligations
  • Transfer of Post-Closure Obligations
  • Sustainable Redevelopment Planning
  • Preservation of Legacy & Brand


ELT assumes all environmental liabilities for its clients – known and unknown, above grade, at grade, below grade, onsite, offsite (originating onsite and naturally migrating offsite) whether the issues occurred or were caused to occur in the past, present or future.  By signing applicable regulatory orders, ELT is able to indemnify from and against potential future regulatory reopeners.


Corporate Indemnification: ELT affords the maximum allowable release and insulation from future liability with complete indemnification of the Seller.

Guaranteed Cost Certainty: ELT provides a fixed-cost solution for environmental obligations and uncertainties.

Elimination of Compliance Issues: ELT assumes all regulatory compliance obligations, freeing up manpower and capital.

Elimination of Regulatory Reopeners: ELT assumes all environmental liabilities regardless of whether regulations change ensuring that environmental liabilities never revert back to the Seller/Transferer.

Financial & Economic Considerations: Liability transference allows the Seller to report to stakeholders a financially more stable and liability free balance sheet.

Human Capital Relief: Transferring environmental liabilities allows the Seller to focus on their core business and not be hindered with managing a cleanup project that exhausts time, energy and additional expenses.

Sustainability Benefits: Following remediation, the site will be repurposed for its highest and best use, in line with any guidance set forth by the Seller. Brownfield remediation preserves the legacy and brand of the Seller when they cease operations, and provides ancillary benefits to the local community, such as job creation.

Sale-Leaseback Options: To maintain operations, ELT will purchase environmentally contaminated assets, assume the environmental liabilities, and leaseback the facilities to the seller. By combining the value of the real estate with the value of the lease, these transactions typically result in a positive net gain for the seller.


Currently Seeking to Assume Environmental Liabilities and/or Purchase Retired Assets in All Industrial & Energy Sectors.

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