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Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) is a comprehensive environmental liability acquisition company providing clients complete and final environmental liability transference. By combining superlative environmental risk management within the practices of environmental law, environmental insurance, environmental engineering, corporate indemnification and commercial redevelopment, ELT provides guaranteed-fixed cost solutions to highly-variable environmental concerns.


ELT assumes all environmental liabilities, provides a legal transfer of environmental risk, and establishes a fully funded remediation plan.


ELT’s comprehensive environmental liability assumption includes: known, unknown, above grade, at grade, below grade, onsite, offsite (originating onsite and naturally migrating offsite) whether the issues occurred in the past, present or future. Additionally, ELT will assume liabilities at a cost below PRP cleanup estimates.


» Environmental Liability Transfer

ELT assumes all environmental liabilities for its clients – known and unknown, above grade, at grade, below grade, onsite, offsite (originating onsite and naturally migrating offsite) whether the issues occurred or were caused to occur in the past, present or future.  In addition, ELT will sign applicable regulatory orders and indemnify transferors from and against potential future regulatory reopeners.


  • Guaranteed finite capital solutions for highly variable concerns
  • Immediate Walk-Away from environmental obligations
  • Complete corporate indemnification
  • Direct assumption of compliance requirements from regulatory agencies
  • Total and perpetual transfer of environmental liability and site cleanup
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage from highly-rated carriers
  • Immediate positive impact upon balance sheet


» Environmental Liability Assumpion & Real Estate Acquisition

In addition to fee-based transference of environmental liabilities, Environmental Liability Transfer actively purchases commercial and/or industrial facilities, portfolios and land sites throughout North America. In doing so, ELT clients often discover that their environmental liabilities can be transferred while receiving a positive net payment in return.


Through ELT affiliate, Commercial Development Company, Inc., we are able to provide clients a broad base of solutions for distressed real estate – including real estate acquisition and horizontal and vertical redevelopment.


» Sale Leaseback & Other Creative Capital Solutions Available 

Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. will purchase environmentally contaminated holdings while providing complete liability transfer services to the seller and will leaseback the facilities to the seller. By combining the value of the real estate with the value of the lease, these transactions typically result in a positive net gain for the seller.





A Comprehensive & Sustainable “Walk-Away” from Environmental Liabilities

If environmental risk is impacting your operations, ELT can remove environmental liabilities from your balance sheet and assume all environmental obligations – past, present, and future. ELT can also leaseback real estate, acquire under-performing assets, and provide other strategic capital solutions.


» Environmental Liability Assumption

» Real Estate Acquisition

» Environmental Liability Assumption + Real Estate Acquisition

» Sale Leaseback and Other Options Available




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