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Unresolved environmental issues pose multiple threats to corporate sustainability: threats to corporate growth potential, threats to corporate image and public perception, threats to public health and safety, threats to global sustainability, and many others. Transferring risk to Environmental Liability Trasnfer, Inc. (ELT) provides a comprehensive “walk away” option from these threats.


Transferring environmental risk to Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) provides a comprehensive "walk away" option from these environmental threats.


ELT is able to effectively and securely transfer environmental liabilities from a client’s balance sheet – and assume all associated environmental risks and regulatory obligations. ELT can also leaseback real estate, acquire non-core/under-performing assets, and provide other third-party capital solutions. Benefits include:


Environmental Liability Assumption (with or without Real Estate)

All liabilities, known, unknown, contractual and legal are transferred to ELT affording maximum allowable release and insulation from future liability with complete indemnification of the Seller.


Guranteed Cost Certainty

ELT provides a fixed-cost solution for environmental obligations and unknown environmental risks. Clean-up is secured with a fully-funded environmental trust – potential cost overruns are backstopped by ELT capital and a comprehensive insurance policy.


Elimination of Compliance Issues

ELT assumes all environmental liabilities regardless of whether regulations change, ensuring the risk never reverts back to the Seller.


Financial and Economic Considerations

ELT allows the Seller to report an increase in overall valuation and balance sheet stability to investors and stakeholders.


Addressing Impact Investors

By divesting environmental risk, ELT provides a way for publicly-traded companies to address investor demands for more transparency in financial reporting and improved environmental sustainability.


Preserving the Legacy and Brand of the Seller

Following remediation, the site will be repurposed for its highest and best use, in line with any guidance set forth by the Seller. Brownfield redevelopment preserves the legacy and brand of the Seller when they cease operations, and provides ancillary benefits to the local community, such as job creation.




Sustainable Accounting Solutions for Environmental Risk Management

If environmental risk is impacting your operations, ELT can remove environmental liabilities from your balance sheet and assume all environmental obligations – past, present, and future. ELT can also leaseback real estate, acquire under-performing assets, and provide other strategic capital solutions.


Sustainable Accounting Solutions for Environmental Risk Management


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