Corporate Divestitures

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Our clients have seen immediate and positive impacts from divesting environmental liabilities. For publicly-traded clients, the removal of environmental liabilities has resulted in improved investor sentiment and immediate elevations in stock price – up to 17%. While these results are not guaranteed, and vary based on size and scope of company, unlocked capital and upgraded balance sheets win the approval of all company stakeholders and can improve the overall valuation of your company.


Our clients benefit from our financial strength, environmental experience, and our ability to close difficult transactions quickly and efficiently.


ELT can remove environmental issues that are known, unknown, above grade, at grade, below grade and on- and off-site (originating on-site and naturally migrating off-site), whether the issues occurred or were caused to occur in the past, present or future. In addition, ELT will agree to sign applicable regulatory orders and indemnify clients from and against potential future regulatory reopeners.


ELT Resources


» Bloomberg BNA: How to Divest Environmental Risk

White Paper written by Randall Jostes, CEO Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc.


Divest Non-Core Assets & Environmental Liabilities

If environmental risk is impacting your operations, ELT can remove environmental liabilities from your balance sheet and assume all environmental obligations – past, present, and future.


Additionally, ELT can leaseback real estate, acquire under-performing assets, and provide other strategic capital solutions. To learn more about ELT’s corporate divestiture solutions, contact us to schedule a confidential discussion.