ELT Applications



Environmental Liability Transfer has been trusted to assume and manage over $1.5 billion USD in corporate environmental risk throughout North America.


Our clients have benefited from our liability transfer services during power plant closures, mergers & acquisitions, private equity buyouts, corporate divestitures, bankruptcy situations, crises of public perception, PRP disputes, and other matters as they relate to corporate environmental sustainability and responsibility. Below are common examples of how ELT’s risk management solutions are put into practice.


M&A and Private Equity

ELT removes the deal barriers between interested parties by acquiring the associated risk and indemnifying all parties from future remedial obligations.

Power Plant & Industrial Site Closures

ELT acquires shuttered power plants and industrial facilities, streamlines environmental clean up, and eliminates industrial blight.

Corporate Sustainability 

Transferring environmental risk to ELT removes the liability from your balance sheet and guarantees remediation to regulatory standards.

Environmental Liabilities

Divesting Liabilities and Non-Core Assets

By shedding environmental liabilities, capital is reallocated to core operations, corporate balance sheets become cleaner and more productive.

Corporate Bankruptcy

ELT assumes non-dischargable environmental obligations addressed during bankruptcy, allowing debtors a complete indemnification once they emerge.

PRP Dispute Resolution 

ELT provides a cost-efficient mechanism for dispute resolution between parties. PRPs, owners, operators, buyers and sellers can utilize ELT and avoid costly delays and litigation.